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NSW Ports is a consortium of leading institutional investors: IFM Investors (including Cbus, HESTA and Hostplus), Australian Super, Tawreed Investments Limited and Q Super.


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Our shareholders represent over five million Australian superannuation fund members and are long term investors with interests in a range of Australian infrastructure assets.

NSW Ports’ assets include Port Botany and Port Kembla, Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre and the Cooks River Intermodal Terminal.

Our role is to manage our assets in a way that allows our customers to efficiently service the needs of the people and businesses of New South Wales while minimising environmental and social impacts.


About our Shareholders


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IFM Investors - IFM Investors is one of the largest global infrastructure investment managers. Headquartered in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney, London and New York, IFM Investors specialises in investing and managing private investment products across infrastructure, private equity, debt investments and listed equity portfolios.

IFM Investors was a pioneer investor in the Australian infrastructure market, and has been an investor in global infrastructure assets since 1995. IFM invests on behalf of institutional investors and is owned by Industry Super Holdings Pty Ltd, the holding company for the Members Equity group of companies, which in turn is owned by a large number of Australian superannuation funds, representing over five million members.

For more information about IFM, please visit www.ifminvestors.com

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AustralianSuper - AustralianSuper is one of Australia's largest superannuation funds with more than two million members, over $60 billion in funds under management and a net annual cash flow of over $4 billion. AustralianSuper has been an active investor in infrastructure since 1990, with ownerships stakes in over 100 different infrastructure assets. AustralianSuper is one of Australia's largest infrastructure investors with over $6 billion invested in infrastructure. With a focus on unlisted infrastructure, AustralianSuper is a long-term investor and is capable and willing to reinvest in quality businesses to enhance value.

For more information about AustralianSuper, please visit www.australiansuper.com

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Tawreed Investments - Tawreed is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority ("ADIA") and is focused on investments in high quality infrastructure assets with stable cash flows. Established in 1976, ADIA is a globally diversified investment institution whose sole mission is to invest funds on behalf of the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to make available the necessary financial resources to secure and maintain the future welfare of the Emirate. ADIA manages a diversified global investment portfolio, across more than two dozen asset classes and sub-categories including quoted equities, fixed income, real estate, private equity, alternatives and infrastructure.

The ADIA Infrastructure Division was created in 2007 to build and manage a global portfolio of infrastructure investments with a core focus on assets with strong market-leading positions and relatively stable cash flows, including transport and utilities infrastructure. In keeping with ADIA's overall approach, the Infrastructure Division is a financial investor and does not seek to control or operate the assets in which it invests.

For more information about ADIA, please visit www.adia.ae

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Cbus - Established in 1984 to provide superannuation services for members of the building, construction and allied industries, their families and employers, Cbus today is one of Australia's leading industry superannuation funds. Cbus has a membership of more than 700,000 industry and general public members, and 80,000 employers.

For more information about Cbus, please visit www.cbussuper.com.au


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HESTA - HESTA is the leading super fund for health and community services, with more than 750,000 members, 119,000 employers and $22 billion in assets. An industry fund - with 26 years of experience in the sector - HESTA exists solely to benefit its members. Its size means the Fund can offer many benefits to members and employers. These include: low fees, a fully portable account, easy administration, access to low-cost income protection and death insurance, a comprehensive advice service, super education sessions and transition to retirement options. More people in health and community services choose HESTA for their super.

For more information about HESTA, please visit hesta.com.au


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HOSTPLUS - HOSTPLUS was established in 1987 by the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) and United Voice as the National industry super fund for hospitality, tourism, recreation and sport. HOSTPLUS has $12 billion in funds under management and serves over one million members and over 87,000 employers.

For more information about HOSTPLUS, please visit www.hostplus.com.au




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