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NSW Ports manages port and intermodal facilities within busy urban areas close to residents, businesses, community facilities and recreational areas. We are committed to engaging with the local communities in which we operate, listening and responding to their views and aspirations, to ensure that we share in a sustainable future.

We recognise the importance of protecting the air, land, water and biota that we all depend on. We work actively with port businesses, government agencies and the community to conserve environmental values while facilitating trade for the benefit of our society.

NSW Ports are involved in a range of initiatives including community and port stakeholder consultative committees.
Some areas in the port precinct are open to the public
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NSW Ports sponsors some key events and organisation throughout each calendar year. Applicants are selected on their merits and their compatibility with NSW Ports values and goals.
We are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner to ensure the long term prosperity of our ports.
NSW Ports holds approvals for a number of Major Projects where we are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Conditions of Approval.
Latest News

Latest News

Joining in Clean Up Australia Day 2019

1 March

Helping clean up at Yarra Bay and Molineux Point

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Premature port investments will result in higher costs for NSW

18 February

Launch of KPMG report Quay Conclusions: Finding the best choices for additional port capacity in NSW

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