Conserving Biodiversity

Green and Golden Bell Frog

We are actively participating in efforts to conserve the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog (Litoria aurea). The Green and Golden Bell Frog (GGBF) was once common along the NSW coast but is now endangered as a result of habitat loss, predation by feral animals and introduction of the harmful chytrid fungus. NSW Ports has established GGBF habitats at Port Kembla and the Enfield ILC to provide areas for breeding, foraging and overwintering.

Restoring native vegetation

Green corridors are being progressively established in the Inner Harbour at Port Kembla. Local native species are being planted beside roads and watercourses in the Inner Harbour to provide valuable habitat for birds and other native fauna as well as improving the visual amenity of the port. Stage 1 of the program is complete with over 3000 grasses, shrubs and trees established near the Tom Thumb Road Gatehouse. 

Likewise, green areas are being encouraged in the southern precinct of the Enfield ILC where recent landscaping works has seen 6000 trees, shrubs and grasses planted on and around a community walkway to encourage native vegetation back to the site.

Native species are also established in landscaped areas around our port and intermodal facilities.

Enhancing aquatic habitats

NSW Ports is actively engaged in a range of measures to protect and enhance aquatic habitats around our ports, including:

  • Funding the Penrhyn Estuary Enhancement Program at Port Botany that is managed by the Port Authority of NSW
  • Supporting research into the ecological values of benthic marine habitats of Port Kembla
  • Participation in the NSW Marine Pests Working Group to ensure that aquatic biosecurity is maintained.
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