Environmental Management

NSW Ports works in partnership with port users, regulators and the local community to protect the environment and promote sustainable operations within the port.  NSW Ports’ environmental framework is made up of a number of components:

NSW Ports Environment Policy

The Policy sets out our objectives for the environmental management of our operations. NSW Ports ensures its operations are conducted within the guidelines of applicable environmental licences and legislation and endeavours to guide its tenants and the port industry to do the same.

NSW Ports Environmental Management Plans

NSW Ports has developed overarching Environmental Management Plans to ensure that activities at our ports and intermodal terminals are undertaken in accordance with good environmental practice. The EMPs document environmental management measures which are often applied when carrying out construction and operational activities within the port. These measures will be reviewed to facilitate continual improvement in environmental management for our facilities.

Environmental Licenses

Under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 NSW Ports is required to hold a number of Environmental Protection Licences in relation to the operation of specific berths. A large number of our tenants also hold licenses for scheduled activities at the port.

All environmental protection licenses held under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 are available via the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

  • Berth 104 Environment Protection Licence

Berth 104 at Port Kembla is a common-user facility which can be used for handling a broad variety of bulk products. NSW Ports holds an environment protection licence for shipping in bulk at this facility. A Pollution Incident Response Management Plan has been prepared to protect human health and the environment in the event of a pollution incident at the berth.

NSW Ports Development Guidelines

NSW Ports is committed to undertaking, and ensuring development within the port and intermodal terminal areas, is conducted in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. NSW Ports has developed a number of resources to assist in achieving this including:

Port and Intermodal Tenants

NSW Ports leases land to port and intermodal tenants who are directly responsible for the environmental performance for both the development and operation of their leased sites. We work constructively with tenants and facility users to promote good environmental practice and compliance with all relevant legislation.

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