Project Compliance

NSW Ports holds approvals for a number of Major Projects where we are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Conditions of Approval. These conditions set out requirements for the environmental management of the construction and operation of the facility and for ongoing community engagement.

The environmental impacts of port developments are thoroughly assessed prior to commencement of work. Impact assessments consider the likely effects of proposed developments on air and water quality, noise levels, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, traffic and transport systems, public access and amenity and sustainability principles.

Once approved, project-specific environmental management plans are prepared to monitor and protect the environment during construction and operation. Active dialogue is maintained with regulators and local residents to ensure that management practices are in accordance with legal requirements and community expectations.

The following projects have project specific pages with information relating to environmental, sustainability and community aspects:

  • Port Botany Expansion
  • Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre
  • Port Kembla Outer Harbour Development
  • Port Botany Bulk Liquids Berth No. 2
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Latest News

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