Port Botany Bulk Liquids Berth 2 (BLB2)

Planning approval to develop a second Bulk Liquids Berth (BLB2) at Port Botany was received from the Department of Planning in March 2008. On 31 May 2011, John Holland Pty Ltd was engaged to construct the BLB2. The berth became operational in December 2013.

The BLB2 project comprised construction of a steel piled pier berth adjacent to the existing BLB1, associated infrastructure such as marine loading arms, fire fighting equipment, onshore support facilities and pipelines from existing user sites to the new berth. The facility is operated under a multi-user arrangement.

BLB2 was officially opened on 21 February 2014. Please click here for the Media Release.

If you require any additional information about the Bulk Liquids Berth 2 construction or associated works please contact us on 1300 922 524 or email enquiries@nswports.com.au .


Approval Documentation: 

Environmental Assessment

Response to Submissions Report

Consolidated Instrument of Approval


Compliance Tracking:

The original compliance tracking program has now been superseded by NSW Ports Compliance Tracking Program for the operation of the Bulk Liquids Berth 2, that details a program of compliance tracking reporting through environmental audits. Separate compliance tracking reporting has now ceased and environmental audits are undertaken every 3 years as agreed with the Department of Planning and Environment.

Copies of historical compliance tracking reports and previous environmental audits can be accessed from the list below. 


Environmental Management:

NSW Ports maintains and operates the BLB2 under an environmental management framework that includes operational and construction environmental management plans. For information relating to the construction of the Bulk Liquids Berth 2, please contact NSW Ports. 

NSW Ports Operational Environmental Management Plan




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