Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre

Overview and Project Update

The Intermodal Logistics Centre at Enfield - a key freight transport link. The Intermodal Logistics Centre (ILC) at Enfield is part of a network of existing and planned intermodal terminal facilities in Sydney. These intermodal facilities  will assist with the efficient distribution of goods through our city and mitigate the growth in freight truck numbers on our roads.

The ILC will include:

  • an intermodal terminal

  • empty container storage facilities

  • warehousing

  • a light industrial and commercial area along Cosgrove Road

  • a new bridge over the existing RailCorp Marshalling Yard connecting to Wentworth Street

  • rail connections to the existing freight line linking both regional/interstate and Port Botany

  • an area incorporating ecological and heritage enhancements.

The NSW Government has an objective to double containers moved in and out of the port by rail. Currently around 18% of containers are moved by rail. Achieving this target by rail requires investment in infrastructure (rail and intermodal terminals), commitment from the industry, and government initiatives to enable this to happen. Approximately 85% of containers originate from or are bound for a destination within 40 kilometres of Port Botany, making it imperative that any new infrastructure to facilitate movement of freight by rail is built in the metropolitan area of Sydney.

Subject to confidentiality, all documents required under the Project Approval for the ILC are publicly available on this website or by request through NSW Ports.

The main construction works commenced in July 2011 and were completed in December 2013. The early and main construction works included the ILC base infrastructure, the intermodal terminal, the vehicular access bridge to Wentworth Street, internal roads, internal rail siding and through lines, off-site utility connections, Roberts Road / Norfolk Road intersection upgrade works, noise walls and the frog movement corridor, frog ponds and foraging  areas. Contractors implemented environmental management controls at the site in accordance with the approved Construction Environmental Management Plans and the Project Approval.

More recently a walkway and viewing areas have been constructed in the southern precinct to form the Enfield Intermodal Lookout. The Lookout entrance is off Punchbowl Road and extends along the ridge of Mt Enfield, it is open to the public during day light hours.

Planning Approvals

Planning approval was granted by the Minister for Planning under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 on 5 September 2007.

The Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DP&I) approved modifications to the Project Approval under section 75W of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act on 7 October 2008 (MOD1), 30 March 2009 (MOD2), 27 May 2010 (MOD4), 10 November 2011 (MOD5), 17 December 2012 (MOD6), 27 November 2013 (MOD8), 8 February 2017 (MOD11) and 7 March 2017 (MOD12).

Approval Documentation:

Compliance Tracking Program

A Compliance Tracking Program (CTP) has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the Project Approval. The CTP includes requirements for ongoing compliance reporting documenting how each condition of the Project Approval has been satisfied. The compliance reporting is provided to the Secretary of Department of Planning and Environment annually. Subject to confidentiality, compliance reporting documentation is available for public inspection upon request. 

Annual independent environmental audits are undertaken in accordance with ISO 19011:2002 - Guidelines for Quality and/ or Environmental Management Systems Auditing. Past audits are listed below:

Environmental Management

Major environmental benefits resulting from the project include:

  • Remediation of contaminated areas within the site.
  • The creation of Green and Golden Bell Frog habitat at the southern end of the site.
  • The creation of a precinct at the southern end of the site, including a walkway and viewing areas, and heritage elements.
  • When fully operational, removal of up to six million truck kilometers from Sydney’s roads annually, and reduction of approximately 1,000 tonnes of C02 emissions per year within the Sydney airshed. (Environmental Assessment 2005)
  • A positive contribution to the growth of western Sydney's regional economy including the creation of employment opportunities during both construction and operation.
  • A significant capital investment in the locality and the potential to stimulate commercial and light industrial activities within the surrounding industrial areas.

NSW Ports and its contractors implemented an environmental monitoring program which included real time dust monitoring and noise monitoring during construction in accordance with the requirements of the Project Approval. Other environmental management measures which have been implemented during site preparation and construction include noise, dust, traffic, soil, water, frog protection, heritage protection and waste management measures.

Site Audit Statements have been prepared by a Site Auditor accredited under the Contaminated Land Management Act, for the remediation of land at the site.

Construction Environmental Management Plans

A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) Framework Rev 10 was implemented for Site Preparation and Construction activities. NSW Ports will continue to use and revise this plan as needed.

Main construction CEMPs prepared and approved under the CEMP framework include:

Any subsequent minor works undertaken by NSW Ports on common areas, including the southern precinct are covered by the:

Archival recording of a number of heritage items which were previously located on the site can be viewed by the public at Strathfield Library. A Heritage Interpretation Plan and Strategy and Addendum document for the site was prepared in September 2010. NSW Ports will continue to preserve the heritage items that remain on the site.

A Frog Protection Plan and a Frog Management Plan for the site have been prepared by NSW Ports' consulting Herpetologist. The measures in the Frog Protection Plan are being implemented during construction stages of the ILC. The frog ponds have been constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Frog Management Plan. NSW Ports will maintain this important part of our ILC, under the terms of these plans.

Operational Environmental Management Plans

NSW Ports has developed an Overarching Operational Environmental Management Plan for the Enfield ILC. The OEMP will apply to the common areas of the site and the southern precinct and will govern the development of ILC Tenant's OEMPs for their operations.

Plans developed under the OEMP include: 


The community was consulted extensively during the preparation of the environmental assessment for this development. This included community briefings, open days and newsletters distributed throughout the local area. This community collaboration will continue with advertisements, notifications and updates to local residents regarding progress of the project.

Results of consultation on the Tarpaulin Factory

NSW Ports would like to thank all those who completed the Consultation Survey or provided feedback on the future use of the Tarpaulin Factory at Enfield. It is important that the future use of the Tarpaulin Factory is commercially viable whilst remaining compatible with the site’s land use zoning and adjoining residential areas. The results of the consultation will assist NSW Ports with identifying the matters that should be considered as part of the future use of the site.

NSW Ports has considered all survey responses and has summarised the results of the consultation process which can be accessed by clicking the link: Summary of Tarpaulin Factory Consultation responses

Results of consultation on the Southern Precinct (Ecological Area)

NSW Ports would like to thank all those who provided feedback on the Concept Plan for the Southern Ecological Area (SEA) at Enfield, which included the proposed walkway and viewing areas along the ridge of Mt Enfield.

NSW Ports has considered all submissions received from residents, the No Port at Enfield Group and Strathfield and Bankstown Councils. A summary of the feedback received and NSW Ports' response to the matters raised is provided on the link below.  

Click here to see the response to submissions and the consultation material that was provided.

Enquiries and Complaints Management

NSW Ports has complaints and enquiries procedures to ensure all complaints and enquiries are dealt with adequately and in a timely manner. This includes a register to receive, log, track and monitor response to complaints within specified timeframes.

To make enquiries or lodge complaints about the project please email enquiries@nswports.com.au or call NSW Ports on 1300 922 524

Community Liaison Committee

As part of the Intermodal Logistics Centre at Enfield Project, a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) has been established to facilitate effective communication and consultation between the local community, councils, businesses and the project team. The CLC provides a forum for NSW Ports to disseminate information about the project to the community and for the community to raise any concerns or request clarifications about the project from NSW Ports and/or its Contractors and Operators.

The CLC consists of local community, council and business representatives and is chaired by an independent chairperson. All minutes and communication coming out of the CLC Meetings are posted on our Website. Meetings are held quarterly or as required.

For minutes of meetings please click here.

Road Transport Coordination Group

A Road Transport Coordination Group (RTCG) comprising representatives from Strathfield Municipal Council, Bankstown City Council, NSW Roads and Maritime Services and NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure has been established. The RTCG oversees and coordinates the management of traffic and road issues associated with and affected by the ILC at Enfield Project.

For minutes of meetings please click here.

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