Port Kembla Outer Harbour

Approval for the development of Port Kembla’s Outer Harbour was granted in March 2011 to provide additional land for operational facilities and future berth construction.

Cement Australia commenced operations in 2013 after reclamation works were conducted as part of Stage 1A of the development.

Stage 1A Reclamation Works

The activities described as Stage 1A Reclamation Works constituted the first component of construction within the scope of Stage 1 of the Outer Harbour Development. The purpose of the Stage 1A Reclamation Works was to create 6.9 ha of additional port land suitable for further development to allow storage and handling and processing of bulk cargoes. A significant portion of the reclamation allowed for Cement Australia’s cement grinding mill facility to be built.


There are concurrent Concept and Project Approvals under the former Part 3A of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act for the entire Concept Plan and Stage 1 of the Outer Harbour Development respectively (Application No. 08_0249). A detailed Environmental Assessment report was prepared which considered the potential impacts of the development on a range of factors sediment and water quality, hydrodynamic processes, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, road and rail, noise, air quality and cultural heritage.


The Minister for Planning granted approvals for the Concept Plan and Stage 1 of the development.

Port Kembla Outer Harbour Development Concept Approval (as modified)

Port Kembla Outer Harbour Development Stage 1 Project Approval (as modified)

Cement Australia Grinding Mill Project Approval

PKPC Blast Furnace Slag Exemption

Environment Protection Licence (as amended 26/09/2011)



Community enquiries or complaints regarding the Port Kembla Outer Harbour Development please contact 1300 922 524 or email outerharbourdevelopment@nswports.com.au

Complaints will be recorded on a register that shall be available to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure for inspection.


Compliance Reviews and Audits

NSW Ports is committed to ensuring compliance with its environmental obligations in all aspects of its operations. Reviews to assess compliance with the terms and conditions of planning approvals for the Outer Harbour development are undertaken. Independent environmental audits are also held to verify that compliance is achieved throughout key aspects of the project. See below for details of compliance reviews and audits which have been previously conducted.

Outer Harbour Environmental Audit



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