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Port Kembla Heritage Park 

Port Kembla Heritage Park is located adjacent to the Eastern breakwater of Port Kembla harbour with views over the Five Islands to the east and the harbour, industry and the escarpment to the west.

The site contains Aboriginal middens, World War II gun emplacements and artefacts, the Breakwater Battery Museum, the 1890's steam crane used in the construction of the breakwater and the former Pilots Station.

The site including the Breakwater Battery Museum and the Aboriginal middens is now listed as part of the Hill 60 heritage area covered by a Wollongong City Council Conservation Management Plan.

The heritage of this important area is woven into the fabric of the site through its artefacts and buildings, and its connection to the peoples of this region for up to 7000 years. The collection of buildings and artefacts are important heritage items.

The Heritage Park boasts an interpretative display walk which allows visitors to appreciate the historical and aboriginal significance of the site while walking through it.

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Northern Breakwater, Eastern Breakwater and 'groyne'

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