Intermodal Facilities

Intermodal terminals facilitate landside transport-logistics efficiencies. They offer a sustainable and practical transport solution to meet the challenge of Sydney’s growing freight volumes.

Intermodal operations offer a range of landside logistics services and are primarily located in close proximity to areas of concentrated industrial development. Many facilities now offer integrated services to meet the needs of their customers transporting freight to and from the port.

NSW Ports manages two intermodal facilities, one at Enfield and one at Cooks River.

Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre (ILC)

The Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre is a key logistics hub in central-west Sydney. Occupying 60 hectares, the site is close to industrial lands in central and western Sydney with a direct rail connection to Port Botany via the Port Botany Freight Line.

The Intermodal Logistics Centre includes an intermodal terminal, empty container storage areas and industrial lots for logistics, freight forwarding, pack-unpack, transport and warehousing uses.

The intermodal terminal is able to accommodate 900 metre trains with port rail shuttles travelling 18 kilometres to and from Port Botany carrying full and empty containers.

Cargo from regional trains will be transferred to shuttle trains destined for Port Botany, then loaded with empty containers to be repacked with products for export.

The intermodal terminal contains a bonded facility and will host quarantine services as well as a full range of container services including full and empty container storage, repairs, washing and upgrades.

Overall, the Logistics Centre reduces the reliance on road transport of containers to and from Port Botany.

Cooks River Intermodal Terminal

The Cooks River Intermodal Terminal, ten kilometres by road and eight kilometres by rail from Port Botany, is directly connected to the port by the Port Botany Freight Line. The Terminal is an inland extension to the Port and provides an important contribution to the container logistics freight task.

The Cooks River Intermodal Terminal has operated since 1947 under an open access regime is available to all rail and road operators. It utilises rail to transfer containers to and from Port Botany and regional NSW and provides the largest empty container storage facility in NSW.

The Intermodal Terminal offers container storage as well as facilities for the repair, washing and upgrading of empty containers and other ancillary container-related services.

Trucking operators use it to deliver empty containers and collect full containers, optimising truck fleets and minimising the number of trucks travelling to Port Botany.

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