Breakwater works complete




21 December 2017

Breakwater works complete

As intended by NSW Ports, following completion of significant repair works the breakwaters at Port Kembla have been reopened for public access.

The Northern and Eastern breakwaters were closed to the public after last year’s significant storm event, which resulted in damage to a range of core port infrastructure at Port Kembla.

The repair project cost close to $10 million dollars and involved the sourcing of materials locally and using local labour.

Port Kembla’s breakwaters play an important role in ensuring a safe and efficient working port facility.

NSW Ports is committed to making public access to the port breakwater available when it is safe to do so.

As occurred prior to the storm event, the breakwaters will be open to the public between the hours of dawn and dusk, but will be closed during adverse weather conditions and during certain port operations.

NSW Ports reminds people that those accessing the breakwaters do so at their own risk. People should observe warning signs, and stay in the marked locations and take care when accessing the sites.

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