Port Kembla Breakwater Closure




Port Kembla breakwater closure

Please be advised that both the Eastern Breakwater and the Northern Breakwater at Port Kembla are closed until further notice due to storm damage.

The Eastern Breakwater at the Port has been closed to the public since last year’s significant storm event which resulted in damage to a range of core port infrastructure at Port Kembla.

The storm repair works on the Eastern Breakwater have not yet been completed.

Good progress has been made to date and all the 40 tonne blocks have been deployed, however the gaps between the large 40 tonne blocks need to be filled to achieve better interlocking and a more stable rock face. This will be achieved by placing smaller 6 tonne interlocking rocks in the gaps.

The procurement of these 6 tonne rocks is slow because of the difficulty in sourcing such rocks from the available quarries. NSW Ports is procuring a large volume of these rocks, also for repairs to the Coal Loader Seawall.

We are working closely with the quarry to increase production of  6 tonne rocks and delivery of these to Port Kembla. The exact timing of the availability of the 6 tonne rock and the completion the repair works to the Eastern Breakwater is unknown at this time.

NSW Ports will complete a risk assessment prior to opening the breakwater for public access.

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