NSW Ports has developed a Sustainability Plan that provides a strategic framework for progressing towards environmental sustainability by highlighting current sustainable practices and identifying a path for future actions in both the short and long term.

The Sustainability Plan identifies five focus areas and the following objectives for each of the areas:

  1. Transport and logistics
  2. Land use planning and development
  3. Local environmental outcomes
  4. Resource conservation and efficiency
  5. Stakeholder consultation and relations

To download a copy of our Sustainability Plan click here.


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Some key sustainability projects that NSW Ports have implemented include:

Energy metering and monitoring

NSW Ports has partnered with COZero to install energy meters on our office facilities at Port Botany and Port Kembla with an on-going program of energy monitoring to identify trends, propose changes to the building management system and calculate the savings achieved from those changes.

In 2015, NSW Ports office at Port Botany achieved an average 17% energy savings compared to the baseline year through increasing efficiencies in the building, upgrading lighting and implementing measures such as automatic timers for lighting and air conditioning out-of-hours.  

Solar panel project

NSW Ports is working with Exthree Pty Ltd to install additional solar capacity on the Brotherson House office at Port Botany and establish a solar system at the Maritime Centre at Port Kembla which will help to reduce our energy usage throughout the day for office activities.

Office recycling programs

NSW Ports has established recycling programs in its Port Botany, Port Kembla and Enfield offices. In addition to everyday recyclable materials, collection points have also been established for mobile phones, printer cartridges and batteries. 

Creation and maintenance of Green and Golden Bell Frog Habitat

NSW Ports currently maintains frog habitat including ponds for the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frogs (Litoria aurea) at Port Kembla and the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre. We will continue to ensure that this habitat is kept in good condition and the presence of the frogs is considered in operational planning to encourage the local frog populations to thrive in these areas.

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