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Contributing to the building of strong, inclusive communities that thrive for the long term

NSW Ports is a proud and active member of the local communities in which we operate. We partner with a range of local community clubs, councils and other organisations to improve the environment and promote sustainable outcomes for the people and businesses that live and work alongside our operations. Our community includes our residential neighbours, visitors, community organisations, local businesses and stakeholders.

8 not-for-profit groups supported
14 community liaison meetings held every year
Support a range of community partnerships & initiatives

Living Locally

Our port and rail operations at Port Botany, Port Kembla, Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre and Cooks River Intermodal Terminal operate within or nearby to urban areas in Sydney and Wollongong. Over one third of the 25,000 strong workforce at Port Botany live locally to the port, while at Port Kembla, 99% of the workforce live locally. As a result, NSW Ports is mindful of community amenity which is an integral part of our port planning and development.

Port Botany

Port Botany

Located in south eastern Sydney

Port Kembla

Port Kembla

Located in the Illawarra region of New South Wales


Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre

Located in Sydney’s central west

Cooks River

Cooks River Intermodal Terminal

Located in Sydney’s inner west

Public Access Areas

While security and safety precautions prevent public access to our facilities, there are some public areas with vantage points where you can view our port and intermodal operations, go “ship spotting” or “train spotting”, discover the local heritage of the region and find out how we are helping maintain the local environment. These public access areas are listed below.

Filming or photography is permitted in NSW Ports’ public access areas for local community-related matters only.

Our ports operate 24/7 and accommodating any such requests beyond these parameters is a complex logistical task that impacts the operations of businesses operating within our precincts. We also have strict security and safety protocols for accessing our property that must be maintained.

To submit an enquiry for community-related filming or photography in our public access areas, please contact We will respond to community-related requests only. 

If your filming or photography request relates to the operations of one of our customers (e.g: container ships or empty container parks), please contact them directly.  

Public access areas include: 

Molineux Point Lookout

Molineux Point Lookout

Port Botany

The Molineux Point Lookout marks the end of the Coastal Walk in Randwick. Located at the end of Prince of Wales Drive at Port Botany, it provides spectacular views of Botany Bay, including Yarra Bay, Sydney Airport, La Perouse and Kurnell. It is open during daylight hours and is a popular destination for cyclists and walkers.

Port Kembla Heritage Park

Port Kembla Heritage Park

Port Kembla

The Port Kembla Heritage Park is located adjacent to the Eastern breakwater of Port Kembla harbour. It has a rich history of Aboriginal culture, military facilities and port operations. Enjoy the local interpretive display walk with views over the Five Islands to the east and the harbour, industry and the escarpment to the west.

Port Kembla Eastern Breakwater

Port Kembla Eastern Breakwater

Port Kembla

Open to the public between the hours of dawn and dusk, except in adverse weather conditions and during certain port operations and maintenance activities.

Enfield Intermodal Lookout

Enfield Intermodal Lookout

Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre

The Enfield Intermodal Lookout provides public access walkway and viewing areas in the southern precinct of the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre. The lookout is designed to take visitors on a journey of the site's history, the local environment including insights into the rare frog species we maintain habitat for and current operations.

Community Engagement

Community and stakeholder engagement is an important part of NSW Ports' strategic thinking, operations and decision-making process. We engage with our local communities through our social media channels, community consultation and liaison committees at Port Botany, Enfield and at Port Kembla. The purpose of these groups is to ensure ongoing collaboration between the port and intermodal operators and the surrounding residential and small business community.

Community consultation

Our community committees and liaison groups discuss port and intermodal operations and developments, share information on environmental improvement initiatives and discuss construction activities.

Community Investment

NSW Ports is an active partner and longtime supporter of many not-for-profit and grassroots organisations located within the reach of our assets.

Our community investment program is focused on building a better future by financing initiatives that foster community well-being, enhance education opportunities and deliver important environmental outcomes. Through strategic investment we aim to help build strong and inclusive communities that are able to thrive over the long term.



NSW Ports sponsors a range of local clubs, organisations and initiatives that create opportunities for education, communication and community engagement.



The NSW Ports Community Grants program delivers one-off grants to support local projects, services and initiatives that benefit the communities surrounding Port Botany, Port Kembla and the Enfield and Cooks River intermodal terminals.


Education & Events

NSW Ports supports a range of community initiatives throughout the year.