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Cooks River ­­Intermodal Terminal

The largest empty container storage facility in New South Wales

Cooks River Intermodal Terminal plays an important role in Port Botany’s supply chain and the overall New South Wales' container freight logistics task.

As the only intermodal terminal in the State that’s underpinned by a full-service empty container park, Cooks River Intermodal Terminal enables containers to be reloaded for the next transport as soon as they are emptied.

8km by rail to Port Botany
NSW’s largest empty container storage facility
Road and rail transport to Port Botany and regional NSW
Operates 24/7



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Container Terminals

Container Storage & Services

The largest empty container storage facility in New South Wales on 17.2 hectares of land. 

Provides container storage, repair, washing and upgrading of empty containers and other ancillary services.

14,000 TEU capacity 


Rail Connectivity

An intermodal terminal with offering direct and daily port shuttles to Port Botany 

Connected to Port Botany by the Port Botany Freight Line 

Multiple rail sidings which can accommodate regional trains

Connectivity to the Sydney Southern Freight Line


Sustainability is integral not only to our business, but to the long-term success of the supply chain industries. 

We actively maintain a Heritage and Conservation Register under Section 170 of the NSW Heritage Act 1977 (the S170 Register). At Cooks River, these include Laydown Points Lever, Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Rail, MCS HRT Administration Building, Pre-cast Concrete Hut 1 and Pre-cast Concrete Hut 2.

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