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We are committed to enforcing strict adherence to safe work practices at all times.

The protection of our employees, contractors and visitors across our operations is central to everything we do. We regularly engage contractors to carry out work at our sites and Information about development, maintenance and tenant related services can be found in the sections below.

Works Approval

All tenant and non-tenant organisations planning works on NSW Ports lands outside tenanted areas must be approved by NSW Ports prior to commencing works on site - including works to third party utility, telecommunication and road network assets. We request that the following information is provided to the appropriate NSW Ports site asset management team for review and approval.


  • A description of the proposed works, including:
    • Nominated lead contractor and any subcontractors
    • Preferred programme
    • Work methodology
    • Full list of plant to be mobilised to the site
    • Details of where any materials excavated will be taken plus a commitment that all imported material will be Virgin Excavated Natural Materials (VENM) classification (written evidence will be required)
  • Prepare a Traffic Management Plan for all works that will require any work in the road corridor, or impact normal road operations.
  • Complete a Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) search and liaise accordingly with any potentially impacted utility owners.
  • Organise for all staff attending site to be inducted – refer to Induction Requirements information below.

Induction Requirements

Any contractor working on NSW Ports land must follow our induction protocols, prior to commencing work. At NSW Ports we work closely with a group of trusted contractors who are required to complete a comprehensive induction process, and this applies to contractors contracted to carry out works at the request of tenants on NSW Ports land.

For contractors that are new to the NSW Ports sites, the first step is to email your details plus all relevant information relating to the job to the relevant email address below, depending on which site you are working at. Once all details are submitted, a project manager will contact you to get the induction process started.

The NSW Ports induction process involves a series of steps including having the company set up in Rapid Global (the NSW Ports induction management system). Only when this is complete can individual staff members commence the induction process. Anyone arriving on site to carry out works must be inducted and approved prior to arrival – there are no exceptions to this rule. The induction process is managed by the project manager (PM) assigned to your job.

For more information on the induction process and requirements please refer to Key Contacts below.

Safety, Security & Overload Requests

Reporting Incidents and Hazards

Reporting Incidents and Hazards

All incidents, near misses and hazards must be reported within 24 hours of the event.

An incident is a near miss or actual event that results in, or could result in:

  • injury
  • illness
  • damage or loss.

A hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm (injury/illness, damage etc).

You can report hazards and incidents online using Protecht by clicking on the link below.

Port & Intermodal Security

Port & Intermodal Security

You must hold a current Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) for access to all NSW Ports Maritime Security Zones. This card can be applied for through a number of independent third party organsiations including the following:

1Stop Connections Veritas

For further information regarding the MSIC scheme or for general security related enquiries, please refer to the contact information in the Key Contacts below.

Oversize Vehicle Operation

Port Kembla Oversize Vehicle Operation

You must seek approval before operating a vehicle above a Berth load limit. 

If this need arises:

  1. Complete the application form below
  2. Submit the form via email to

If you need to discuss your application with us further, please refer to Key Contacts below.

Location Information

Sign in

Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre site office

For anyone arriving onsite at Enfield ILC to carry out work, you are required to sign in at the NSW Ports Administration Office in the first instance. Please speak with your Project Manager for further instructions and refer to the link to the Gate and Site Location information for more information. 

Interactive maps

Gate and Site Location Information

Please check out the interactive maps to find your site of works location on NSW Ports land. These maps are designed to help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Key contacts

Queries relating to Contact Phone Email
Port Botany Inductions Port Botany Asset team 1300 922 524 Email
Port Kembla Inductions Port Kembla  Asset team 1300 922 524 Email
Enfield Inductions Enfield Asset team 1300 922 524 Email

Port operations, Security and Emergency Management

Wayne Ashton 0417 217 274 Email
Port Botany Security BSMS Security 0434 424 642 Email
Port Kembla Security BSMS Security 02 4275 0777 Email
Enfield ILC Security BSMS Security 0410 201 859 Email
Property Property Management team 1300 922 524 Email
MSIC card applications 1-Stop or Veritas 1300 837 482 or 1300 881 055 Email or