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Keeping essential goods moving

With over 42% of goods in a Sydney household imported in containers through Port Botany, and 100% of motor vehicle imports arriving through Port Kembla, our ports are an essential part of maintaining our Australian way of life.


Keeping trade sustainable

At NSW Ports our vision is to be a world class port and logistics manager, driving sustainable growth. Sustainability is integral not only to our business, but to the long-term success of the supply chain industries. We recognise we have a responsibility to provide value for our shareholders, whilst delivering on our responsibility to keep Australia’s economy moving, make a positive contribution to communities in which we operate and protect the environment.


Supporting Australian livelihoods

Our ports and intermodal facilities operate around the clock to efficiently service the needs of the people and businesses of New South Wales. Port Botany and Port Kembla are strategic economic assets for Australia, critical to the current and future economic prosperity of New South Wales.

$4.4 Billion
1 in 4

Connecting New South Wales

Whether you are importing cargo bound for New South Wales or exporting goods to the international customers, we can assist you with an efficient and sustainable pathway to market, through Port Botany or Port Kembla.


Australia’s Key Trade Gateways

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  • Trades Handled

    Trades Handled

    In managing Australia's key trade gateways, we support the movement of millions of tonnes of freight every year.

  • Our Impact on NSW

    Our Impact on NSW

    The assets we manage are critical to the future growth and development of New South Wales.

  • Community


    We manage port and intermodal operations in close proximity to the communities of Port Botany, Port Kembla and Enfield.