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Back to School...For Port Kembla

Port Kembla School Tour Group

Five hundred primary school students from across Wollongong will tour the Port Kembla industrial precinct as part of an NSW Ports community initiative. 

NSW Ports CEO Marika Calfas said the school tours were a wonderful way to build greater awareness and understanding about Port Kembla and the integral economic role it plays in the Illawarra and beyond. 

“We’re thrilled to open our doors to local school communities so students can learn about Port Kembla and the ways in which it connects the Illawarra to the world,” she said.  

“NSW Ports is proud to partner with Inside Industry to facilitate the tours, whose staff will be sharing detailed knowledge about trade, as well as other interesting cultural, social and historical facts.” 


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Ms Calfas said Port Kembla’s diverse trade includes bulk agricultural, construction and mining products that contribute $2.9 billion annually to NSW’s Gross State Product, while supporting about 10,000 jobs. 

“Port Kembla has a long and celebrated history in the region dating back well over a century.  Today, about 99 per cent of the workforce live in the Illawarra, so many of the students on these tours may well have a personal family connection with the port,” she said. 

“This initiative would not be possible without the backing of our port tenants and other industries that operate at Port Kembla, so big thanks to them for supporting this valuable program.”   

Stuart Barnes from Inside Industry congratulated NSW Ports on its school outreach program and said it was a fun and informative way to connect with the community. 

Port Kembla School Tour Group

“Our name says it all – our guides are passionate about bringing our local community members inside the industries at Port Kembla to help demonstrate the value of these trades to our region and our state,” Mr Barnes said. 

“It’s a fascinating precinct and has a deep, ingrained connection with the people of the Illawarra who’ve seen it change and adapt as various industries have evolved over the years. 

“By working with NSW Ports we can pull back the curtain and give these students a better understanding of what goes on here, how it works and why it’s important. Some of the students may even be inspired to join one of these industries one day when they enter the workforce.”

While NSW Ports’ school tour program has been fully booked, you can learn more about Inside Industry’s other available tours here.

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