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Green and Golden Bell Frog Habitat Enhancement at Enfield

Enfield Frog Ponds

NSW Ports maintains a two-hectare ecological habitat area at our Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre site situated 18kms from Port Botany as part of our environmental management program. This area contains important habitat for the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog including three frog ponds, as well as a movement corridor and foraging and shelter habitat. NSW Ports’ frog ponds play a key role in providing connectivity with other habitat areas across the Western Sydney urban landscape for the benefit of local populations of the endangered frog species.

To ensure that the wetlands remain a habitable environment for these endangered frogs and the many other species that call the area home, NSW Ports have commenced work on the installation of infrastructure which will support sustainable maintenance of the area into the future.

The project has seen the installation of 5 water holding tanks totalling 70,000L of storage capacity, connected to a nearby water detention basin that will allow us to pump, store and transfer water to the frog ponds. A system of floats will also ensure that water levels can be controlled and fluctuated as needed by the solar powered system. The Enfield tank farm can also double as a water storage and irrigation resource for the native vegetation on Mount Enfield. 

NSW Ports is proud to actively conserve ecological and cultural heritage values at our sites for the benefit of current and future generations.

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