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Noise levels at Port Botany

Port Botany Patrick Terminal

NSW Ports is aware of the noise that impacted some residents around Port Botany between Wednesday morning and Thursday evening. 

We apologise to all residents about the conditions experienced. 

Upon being made aware of the situation, NSW Ports' Environment Manager engaged with residents to identify the source of noise. Thank you to those residents who cooperated in this process.   

The noise source was determined to be the vessel Safeen Prime, operated by ANL/CMA CGM. The vessel left Port Botany on Thursday evening and noise levels immediately subsided.  

NSW Ports will continue communicating with the vessel operator to seek action to address this issue prior to its return to Port Botany.

The vessel noise from Safeen Prime was considerably exacerbated by the prevailing weather conditions of cool temperatures, light westerly winds and strong temperature inversions. Such weather conditions can amplify noises from the port over greater distances. 

These weather conditions are forecast to continue at Port Botany until Saturday evening (30 July). Please be aware that residents may hear port noise during this period. 

We encourage all residents to report any noise related issues by clicking here.  Information about our noise monitoring and mitigation measures is available by clicking here.