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Noise monitoring at Port Botany

Port Botany

NSW Ports works proactively with the community, Council, regulators and port operators to minimise noise impacts on surrounding residential areas, with improvements implemented over the years.  We take all noise complaints very seriously and we have had a permanent noise monitoring system installed at Port Botany since 2017 with sensors placed around the port.   

All noise concerns raised are addressed through our complaints management system, which we have recently upgraded to include 24/7 manned telephone contact and an ability to submit complaints via our website. 

Port Botany is located in a busy urban environment with multiple potential noise sources, including: industry; air, road and rail transport; port operations; logistics facilities; commercial premises; and suburban uses. 

We are aware of the recent increase in noise complaints and are working collaboratively to understand this issue and identify the noise source, including whether it is port related. There have been instances of noises being linked to non-port related activities.  No operational changes have occurred at the port in recent times. 

Due to the current level of noise complaints, we have engaged technical experts to conduct residential noise monitoring at four locations within close proximity to the port. The outcome of this monitoring is necessary in order to consider any appropriate mitigation measures. 

If you would like to report a noise concern, you can provide feedback at or contact us on 1300 922 524 to speak with an officer about your concern.