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NSW Ports and AAT welcome the Hoegh Trotter

Lana with David Crampton and Nicky Colanco - Rail Ballast Cleaning Machine arrival Oct 2020

NSW Ports and Australian Amalgamated Terminals (AAT) were pleased to welcome the recent arrival of Höegh Autoliners AS, the Hoegh Trotter at #PortKembla, carrying some rather extraordinary project cargo.

This massive 160m long Rail Ballast Cleaning machine was imported by SWIETELSKY Rail Australia Pty Ltd from Austria and expertly unloaded from the roll-on, roll-off vessel by LINX Cargo Care Group in 10 components before being transported by dock truck and mafi trailer to the berth to await transportation to its final destination.

All up the massive machine weighs a whopping 412,800 kgs (the equivalent of 317 family cars)!

It will be used to maintain rail tracks in Hunter Valley region to help ensure the safety of everyone on the network. It works by cleaning and packing the track ballast underneath railway tracks to make the tracks more durable.

The seamless operation was coordinated by Vantage Freight Services through the AAT facility and is yet another example of Port Kembla’s expertise in handling large project cargo and the ease of working with all parties in the supply chain to provide an efficient logistics solution.


Rail Balast Cleaning machine 1

Rail Balast Cleaning machine