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Outcome of Noise Investigation at Port Botany

Noise investigation report release

As the largest container port in New South Wales and Australia's largest common user bulk liquids facility, Port Botany is located within a busy industrial hub, comprising land, sea and air transport activity as well as other industrial activity. 

In April 2020, NSW Ports and the NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA) recorded an increase in night-time noise complaints from residents of suburbs surrounding Port Botany and the Botany Industrial Precinct. The main cause of concern was described as a low frequency throbbing or humming sound.  The complaints coincided with the period of COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ in NSW.

As a result of resident’s concerns, NSW Ports immediately implemented a range of initiatives to help us understand the issue. As there had been no material change in port operations that might explain the increase in noise complaints, NSW Ports also engaged specialist acoustic consultants, Wilkinson Murray, to conduct a thorough Noise Investigation to characterise the noise and identify likely sources. 

The Noise Investigation is now complete, and the Report is available to download: 
-    Port Botany Noise Investigation – Summary 
-    Port Botany Noise Investigation – Full Report 

NSW Ports takes all noise complaints very seriously and we are committed to undertaking all recommendations of the Noise Investigation. 

While we undertake these further investigations, we encourage you to continue to report all noise concerns via our website at https://www.nswports.com.au/contact or 1300 922 524.