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Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre Construction Environmental Management Plans

A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) Framework Rev 10 was implemented for Site Preparation and Construction activities. NSW Ports will continue to use and revise this plan as needed.

Main construction CEMPs prepared and approved under the CEMP framework include:

Any subsequent minor works undertaken by NSW Ports on common areas, including the southern precinct are covered by the:

Archival recording of a number of heritage items which were previously located on the site can be viewed by the public at Strathfield Library. A Heritage Interpretation Plan and Strategy and Addendum document for the site was prepared in September 2010. NSW Ports will continue to preserve the heritage items that remain on the site.

Frog Protection Plan and a Frog Management Plan for the site have been prepared by NSW Ports' consulting Herpetologist. The measures in the Frog Protection Plan are being implemented during construction stages of the ILC. The frog ponds have been constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Frog Management Plan. NSW Ports will maintain this important part of our ILC, under the terms of these plans.