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Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre Environmental Management

Major environmental benefits resulting from the project include:

  • Remediation of contaminated areas within the site.
  • The creation of Green and Golden Bell Frog habitat at the southern end of the site.
  • The creation of a precinct at the southern end of the site, including a walkway and viewing areas, and heritage elements.
  • When fully operational, removal of up to six million truck kilometers from Sydney’s roads annually, and reduction of approximately 1,000 tonnes of C02 emissions per year within the Sydney airshed. (Environmental Assessment 2005)
  • A positive contribution to the growth of western Sydney's regional economy including the creation of employment opportunities during both construction and operation.
  • A significant capital investment in the locality and the potential to stimulate commercial and light industrial activities within the surrounding industrial areas.

NSW Ports and its contractors implemented an environmental monitoring program which included real time dust monitoring and noise monitoring during construction in accordance with the requirements of the Project Approval. Other environmental management measures which have been implemented during site preparation and construction include noise, dust, traffic, soil, water, frog protection, heritage protection and waste management measures.

Site Audit Statements have been prepared by a Site Auditor accredited under the Contaminated Land Management Act, for the remediation of land at the site.